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*take-out prices

Ko'uzi Creative Sushi

  • Wagyu beef carpaccio, anchovy oil and sansho-pepper 2.8€
  • Ceviche of Kingfish (hamachi), chilli and coriander 3.2€
  • “Obsiblue” raw shrimp, kaffir leaves oil and lime 2.8€
  • Seared big shrimp in Sichuan style (ginger, leek, chilli, Sichuan pepper)2.8€
  • Salmon eggs, sour cream with ponzu sauce and dille 2.8€
  • Smoked eel and beetroot 2.8€
  • Snowcrab with wakamé, lime and mayonnaise 2.8€
  • Confi paprika and tomato, spiced cheese and salted almond 2.5€
  • Small shrimps with mayonnaise, tomato and basil 2.8€
  • Tataki of tuna (lightly grilled tuna), soy sauce and yuzu-kosho 2.5€
  • Grilled salmon with mild soy sauce and real wasabi 2.2€
  • Tartar of scallop, walnuts and mushroom 2.5€
  • Tartar of tuna, basil and olive oil 2.5€
  • Tartar of salmon, white radish and chive 2.2€
  • All Creative Set - (14 different creative sushi) 36€

Nigiri Sushi

  • Nigiri of seabass, lacquered with yuzu-lemon 2€
  • Nigiri of tuna, lacquered with piment d'Espelette 2.3€
  • Nigiri of scallop, lacquered with yuzu-lemon 2.3€
  • Nigiri of mackerel, in salt and rice vinegar marinated 2€
  • Nigiri of Scotish salmon, lacquered with soy sauce 1.8€

Maki Sushi

  • Maki of tuna, rolled in nori seaweed 1.3€
  • Maki of Scotish salmon, rolled in soy crêpe 1.2€
  • Maki of cucumber, rolled in nori seaweed 0.8€
NOTE : Please enjoy your sushi as soon as possible after your purchase. Sushi can be kept for a few hours in the refrigerator, but half an hour before consuming, it is better to expose them to room temperature so the taste can fully expand.


  • "A" 4 pcs : 2 creative, 1 nigiri, 1 maki 7.5€
  • "B" 7 pcs : 2 creative, 3 nigiri, 2 maki 12€
  • "C" 6 pcs : 6 creative sushi 13.5€
  • "E" 9 pcs : 4 creative, 3 nigiri, 2 maki + sashimi of Schotish salmon 16€
  • "F" 14 pcs : 4 creative, 6 nigiri, 4 maki 23.5€

Special assortments

  • "X" 30 pcs: 14 creative, 6 nigiri, 10 maki 50€
  • "Y" 45 pcs: 20 creative, 10 nigiri, 15 maki 75€
  • "Z" 60 pcs: 28 creative, 14 nigiri, 18 maki 100€

*each selection is composed according to market offering, ie the exact content may change according to availability.

*for big orders (from 45pcs), please contact us at least 2hours before your pick-up. tel 03 232 24 88

Lunch Kit

from 11:30 to 14:30 from Tuesday - Friday

  • "B" Lunch Kit / Sushi "B" assortment + miso soup or small salade + green tea bag 13.5€
  • "C" Lunch Kit / Sushi "C" assortment + miso soup or small salade + green tea bag 15€


  • Sashimi Assortment for 2 persons (200g) 24€
  • Sashimi Assortment for 1 person (100g) 12.5€
  • Tataki of tuna (lightly grilled tuna), soy sauce and yuzu-kosho 13€
  • Sashimi of seabass, lightly marinated with sesame oil and mustard seeds 11€
  • Sashimi of tuna with yuzu-kosho (yuzu and pepper spices) 12€
  • Sashimi of Scotish salmon, lightly marinated with kaffir leaves and olive oil 9€

Side dishes

  • Seaweed mix salad with “dashi” gelée, cherry tomatoes 6€
  • Buckwheat noodle salad, pickleweed and rose pepper 4.5€
  • Edamamé (salted soja beans) 4.5€
  • Cucumber salad, seaweed wakame and coriander 4€
  • Miso soup with seaweed wakame 3€
  • Sushi rice mixed with sesame and musterd seed 3€


  • Dark chocolate mousse with saké perfume and red fruits 5€
  • Tiramisu with soy flour Kinako 4.0€


  • Cold Japanese green tea (no sugar) 33cl 2.5€
  • Japanese beer Kirin Ichibanshibori (Pils), 33cl 2.8€
  • Sake Rihaku Junmai Ginjo 30cl22€
  • Saké Rihaku Junmai 72cl 33€
  • White wine Meyer Fonné Pinot Blanc, AOC Alsace 75cl 22€
  • White wine Weingut Julg, Riesling Trocken 75cl 17€


Interieur 1

Opening hours :

Our kitchen is open non-stop from 11h.

Last order 17h

closing time 18h30

Like in Japan, where sushi is considered “premium fast food”, don’t hesitate to pass by whenever you feel like a quick bite! We try to serve you speedy, while preserving the refined details and quality of the product.

We also invite you to enjoy your sushi lunch or dinner in our modern dining area and sushi counter. In the summer our terrace is a prime spot to relax and savour a bite and drink.

Reservation :

03 232 24 88



(reservation is valid after confirmation).

Sushi Workshop


Sushi Workshop

On Tuesday or Thursday evening, from 19h to 21h.

For a group of 5-7 persons

(you are asked to find yourself people to form a group of min.5 pers. and max.7 pers.)



(including a welcome drink, green tea/water, tasting of 18-20 pcs sushi)

chef: Junko Kawada

language: Japanese, English or French


1. Preparation of the rice (how to choose, wash, measure, and cook)

2. Mixing with sushi vinegar (composition, mixing technics)

3. Preparation of the fish (how to choose and cut)

4. Self-making of various sushi

  • temaki (hand roll)
  • maki (rolled with a mat)
  • nigiri (hand formed)

5. Tasting


TEL: 03 232 24 88

E-MAIL: info@kouzi.be

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*your subscription is only valid after receiving the total amount



Whether it is a private party or a business reception, our high-quality and decorative sushi are always appreciated by the attending guests.  We can present them appealingly on big trays, or if more convenient arrange them in small boxes.


Feel free to contact us for a personalized offer via info@kouzi.be and already inform us in your request on the following:

  • for how many persons?
  • only sushi or also sashimi and side dishes?
  • are there vegetarian guests?
  • any other specifications?

KO' UZI Special assortments

  • "X" 30 pcs: 14 creative, 6 nigiri, 10 maki 50€
  • "Y" 45 pcs: 20 creative, 10 nigiri, 15 maki 75€
  • "Z" 60 pcs: 28 creative, 14 nigiri, 18 maki 100€

For a bigger order, please send us an email to have our best offer : info@kouzi.be

About us

Concept and philosophy

- European sushi -

Being Japanese, we are proud that sushi has become an internationally recognised dish –appreciated all over the world, including Belgium.

However, we often come across sushi that is not prepared according to Japanese standards. Recipes are regularly imported from the USA using deep-fried techniques and sweet/spicy sauces.

Of course we welcome local adaptations of an original dish; but at KO’UZI we want to translate the Japanese spirit into sophisticated European variations of sushi.

We focus on the quality of the fish, and at the same time, give the dish a western touch and design. Our “creative” sushi pieces are made with out-of-the-ordinary ingredients, but always stay true to the refinement and tradition of the original Japanese bites.

- Sharing knowledge -

KO’UZI is also giving workshops in which we share our knowledge in genuine Japanese spirit.

It is not always easy to find in Europe correct information on sushi and its ingredients...

On the other hand, Japan’s government started to invest in exporting its food culture by promoting “Washoku” (Japanese kitchen).

And the All Japan Sushi Association is setting up a certification system to encourage foreign sushi chefs to level up their skills based on authentic knowledge of Japanese food.

At KO’UZI we want to contribute to these programmes through our workshops, where you can learn to make sushi the way it was meant to be made.

Junko Kawada

Owner & chef

Having spent her youth primarily in Europe, Junko imported and distributed Belgian and French chocolates in Japan in her early professional years.

Since her marriage in 2006 she has lived in Belgium.

In 2007 she organised an international sushi competition at the Lyon food event “Sirha”.

KO’UZI sushi shop opened in June 2008 at Sint-Jorispoort, Antwerp.

In 2013, Junko was the runner-up in the World Sushi Cup in Tokyo with her creative sushi. A Japanese public jury took into account originality, taste, technique and presentation of the sushi created by chefs working outside of Japan.

After six years, in 2014, KO’UZI moved to a bigger location – just down the street at the Leopoldplaats – where we share a space with our partner Azumaya, a Japanese tea café.

Press @ KO'UZI


"Junko Kawada van de Antwerpse sushibar KO'UZI voor ING"

ING Campagne


"Junko Kawada van de Antwerpse sushibar KO'UZI toont hoe jij zelf heerlijke sushi op tafel tovert."

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World Sushi Cup 2013

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"Sushi op z'n belgisch"

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Gazet van Antwerpen

"Sushi met echte Japanse thee"

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Japanese tea shop

- Azumaya -

Azumaya Website

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Opening hours :

Tuesday – Saturday 11h- 18h30

(last order 17h)

Sunday, Monday, national holidays closed


Leopoldplaats 12

2000 Antwerpen

Phone :+32 3 232 24 88

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